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Piko Summer Festival live at Shibuya AX

Yesterday, at Shibuya AX, Piko’s live tour 2011 Final day, called Piko Natsumatsuri (Piko Summer Festival) has taken place. And it was raining, as expected from our rainman=))

Apart from the setlist during the tour, in this final performance, he also sang Just Be Friends, Cat Food, Secret base ~ Kimi ga kureta mono (Anohana’s ending theme), Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (supercell), We are (One Piece theme), Don’t say lazy and No, thank you! (K-on). Ah, but too bad he didn’t sang Dear ;_;

People who attended get a uchiwa with Piko’s signature and message as a present :3 Ah, and he even wore a yukata at then end XDXD (really, summer-ish, ne)

There was also an announcement for his upcoming single :3 I have heard this news a while ago but yesterday was the official announcement ^^. For details, his 4th single will be released on October 5th. And according to another unofficial information, this live performance’s DVD will be released on December 1st >w< *save money*

Also, there were quite a lot of live events announcement yesterday: FLOW’s live event on September 28th, “JAPAN DO!” live on September 27th, and strangely enough, V-Rock Festival on October 23th XDXD When I saw this I was like “Piko, what are you gonna do among all the V-kei artists?” XD

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    omg Piko sang Secret Base /dies of too much awesome WHYYYYYY WAS I NOT THERE OTL ;;;;;;;;;;;;A;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  3. aibi-chan said: Uwah~!! Can’t wait for his new single and hopefully the DVD!!! X3 I want to buy it too now!! XD Not being able to see Piko’s Natsumatsuri in person sucks…but this is totally the next best thing!!! o(^o^)o
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  6. nuomici said: He’s going to be all cute and adorable and all bubbly againt the v-kei artists :D On another note, my friend said that Piko fashion is in v-kei style. Which I’m quite uncertain on. (>_
  7. ei-ne-klei-ne said: Among visual kei artists… I suppose he will just be awesome and cute as usual.
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    wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….!!! too many information!!! too many!!!! *takes notes of each one* I’ll need a special calendar just...
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